Educators Love Keyset

Rob Thomas

IB History Teacher

In trying to develop my students’ analytical writing skills, I have found myself providing the same constructive feedback on student papers for years. Keyset has allowed me to provide consistent and effective feedback in less than half the time. Such a great tool!

Maria Zavala

English Teacher

With Keyset, I’m able to give timely and actionable feedback. I love that I am able to give consistent feedback and my feedback quality does not change when I am nearing the end of a grading session. With Keyset, all of my students receive the same high quality feedback.

Jillian Maguinness

History Teacher

As a new teacher, let me be the first to say… I LOVE KEYSET! My colleagues were able to easily share their keyboard with me. Their feedback shortcuts took away the fear and intimidation that I felt grading my first student papers.

Jillian Turnbull

Charter School Education Advisor

Keyset saves teachers time but most importantly engages the student to really look at and LEARN from feedback in a way that is student-friendly and digital.