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Rethink how you give feedback...

With your Keyset subscription, gain access to the 10 Principles of Effective Feedback. Use research-based design to take your feedback to the next level.
  • Direct feedback toward the task and not the student.
  • Limit your feedback to enhance effectiveness.
  • Provide resources to support student improvement.
  • Develop student self regulation.

Meet Dr. Luke Mandouit

Luke has been a teacher and school leader in Melbourne, Australia for over 20 years. While working in school settings, he completed Graduate research in how student voice can be used to inform teacher professional learning. Following this, Luke completed Doctoral research investigating how students receive, interpret, and action teacher feedback. After four years working at University in Education research and teacher education, Luke has returned to the Secondary sector as a school administrator. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne and presents locally and internationally in the areas of feedback, instructional practice, and evidence-based teaching.

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