Keyset Benefits

Without Keyset for Education, you are stuck typing the same information over and over. Even if you use comments from a bank, you still must highlight to select each comment, and then copy and paste them onto a different document. Keyset does the hard work for you. Simply create a paste command, tie it to a keyboard key, and voila! - multiple paste commands at your fingertips. Everyone wins.
Saves Time

Easily communicate feedback using a few simple keystrokes.


With keyset, easily grade digital assignments by pressing a few pre-programmed keys on your keyboard.

Enhances existing technologies

Keyset doesn’t require you to leave what you already know so well. It integrates with any web-based grading system seamlessly. Use your new activated keyboards in conjunction with websites and apps you already use.

Keyset is teacher controlled

Keyset allows you to program your keyboard keys to insert enhanced feedback complete with links to reteaching videos, online lessons, encouragement, or anything else! Best of all, all content is controlled by the teacher (that’s you!)

Share keyboards with others

Engage in your progessional community and collaborate with other teachers to quickly create consistent feedback. Share and see (view/examine) the feedback others are giving to their students, and use it or customize it!

Targeted Reteaching

Some students need to revisit and review key concepts more frequently than others. Keyset allows for personalized direction from the teacher for each individual student. This can be done with one keystroke.