About Us...

At Key Understanding LLC, our goal is to develop tools that improve communication and spread information in unique ways. Keyset, our debut program, aims to do exactly this.

The idea for Keyset originated with two teachers collaborating about what effective feedback looks like and how it can be given in a timely fashion. Both teachers had read John Hattie’s Visible Learning for Teachers and found themselves candidly examining their use of feedback aimed at improving the writing skills of their students. One of the obstacles they faced was the large class sizes they had. Giving effective feedback to almost 40 students per class is daunting (multiply that by five classes). This herculean task leaves the average teacher overwhelmed and can quickly lead to burn out that often results in zero feedback with just marks on a rubric. This honest look at their teaching methodology resulted in the birth of Keyset and Key Understanding LLC. It has been a long journey that includes a patent pending in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Keyset has been life changing in their writing instruction and they want to share this amazing product with the world.

Jen Gomez

Jen has been teaching high school history for over 17 years. While she appreciates all grade levels, sophomores are by far her favorite mostly because of their dry sense of humor and love of sarcasm. Jen loves challenging her students and creating opportunities for them to succeed.

Martha Stein

Martha is an English Language Arts teacher with a masters in School Counseling and over 15 years of experience in the classroom. She is passionate about improving the writing skills of her students and addresses this with the use of Keyset for Education.

Jonathan Kula

Jonathan is a student and long-time TA at Stanford University, studying Computer Science and Education. Sometime in the future, he wants to teach Computer Science – but until then, he’s using it to help build software that teachers can use to make their lives easier.