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You’re wasting your time...

As a teacher, it is difficult to balance your time so it best serves both your students and yourself. Time sacrificed on grading too often results in student misunderstandings, lack of student improvement, or even students ignoring your feedback altogether.

With Keyset for Education, stop:

  • Typing the same comment over and over
  • Giving feedback that is too vague
  • Moving on to another task before students receive proper feedback
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More than a grade...

Through Keyset’s own Google Chrome extension, comments can be left anywhere.
Use Keyset for Education to easily create custom comments and provide meaningful feedback for your students. Don’t sacrifice detail for timeliness.
  • Save time by inserting comments with a single keystroke
  • Create assignment specific comments
  • Enhance your comments with emojis, reteaching links, and formatting
Sign up today and get a free essay keyboard. 23 comments ready to insert with a single key. Perfect for argument writing!
All keyboards can be copied and tweaked. You can also create your own comment banks.

Keyset for Education was made for teachers by teachers.

We’re teachers too. We get how difficult it is to give great student feedback in a reasonable amount of time. Keyset is research based and has helped hundreds of teachers make a positive difference in student learning.

Become an even more effective teacher.


Save time grading


Provide better feedback to your students

Growth focused

Create actionable feedback that is clear to your students


Use Keyset shortcuts on any grading platform


Organize feedback by assignment and unit


Easily share feedback banks with colleagues

Built for teachers of all grades

Keyset works for any teacher that is grading work on a computer. Leaving student feedback is highly beneficial, but takes time. At each grade level, better feedback means better progress for your students. Keyset makes it quick and easy, no matter what level of education you’re teaching.
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Click here to learn more about ways Keyset is beneficial for both students and teachers.
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Save Time Grading Today

And in the meantime, download 5 Ways to Save Time Grading Today. Stop getting worn out and start providing rich feedback - fast - so your students can grow and you can have your evenings back.

“Keyset has allowed me to provide consistent and effective feedback in less than half the time.”
-Rob Thomas

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